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Dr. Cayen is pleased to announce that he is currently performing Robotic-Assisted Total Knee Replacements.  Humber has acquired the ZimmerBiomet ROSA robot, the first ROSA robot in Canada.  This advanced piece of technology uses x-rays to create a 3-dimensional map of a patient’s leg, and uses that data to help the surgeon better “balance” a knee replacement.  Traditionally, surgeons use a 2-dimensional x-ray and “feel” the balance in the knee during the procedure.  The ROSA robot however uses data collected before and during surgery to help the surgeon dial-in a balanced knee.  At the time of writing, all patients receiving Total Knee Replacements with Dr. Cayen will receive the benefit of this technology.  No need to ask!

Currently at Humber River Hospital, Drs. Rodriguez, Heller and Cayen are performing knee replacements using the ROSA robot.

Dr. Cayen would like to thank ZimmerBiomet, Dr. Rodriguez and the Humber Administration for championing the effort to acquire this exceptional piece of advanced technology.



ZimmerBiomet ROSA Robot


Building from the success of our Same Day Hip Replacement program, Humber River Hospital has launched a Same-Day KNEE Replacement Program (SKiP).  Now, patients do not need to stay overnight in hospital after a knee replacement.  Given the current environment, this is welcome news for patients who need knee replacement surgery, but want to keep their hospital stay as short as possible.

What Makes Same Day Knee Replacement Possible at Humber River Hospital?

Our entire surgical team and the patient is involved to accelerate the initial phases of recovery after knee replacement:

  • Our anesthesiologists are using a short-acting spinal anesthetic, which makes patients comfortable during the surgery, but wears off fast enough to allow patients to walk the same day.
  • The surgeon injects a mixture of local anesthetic into the patient’s knee during surgery.
  • Patients receive a special combination of medications to decrease nausea after surgery.
  • Our physiotherapists are now staying at work later in the day in order to get patients up walking after surgery.
  • The anesthesiologist administer a special nerve block just prior to the knee replacement.  The patient then takes home a bottle with local anesthetic, which will deliver pain medication directly to the knee for 3 days after surgery.
  • The anesthesiologist gives the patient a call in the days after surgery to see if they’re having any trouble with the local anesthetic bottle.
  • The patient is instructed how to remove the catheter from the thigh on the third day after surgery.  (It’s pretty simple: Pull out the filament, apply pressure with gauze for 2 minutes then apply a simple band-aid.)
  • A handout for patient information can be found here.  Please note, different surgeons will provide slightly different medication prescriptions for patients to take at home.

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Dr. Barry Cayen is an orthopedic surgeon at Humber River Hospital, specializing in adult hip and knee replacements, sports surgery of the knee, and trauma. He performs Total Hip Replacement Surgery using the Direct Anterior approach with a Hana table.


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