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Patients from outside of Ontario, Canada interested in a surgical consultation regarding a hip or knee replacement please contact Surgical Solutions Network for more information.

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Hip Arthritis

Hip arthritis can be felt as pain in the groin or buttock while getting up and walking.   Treatments range from non-operative options such as medications and injections to hip replacement surgery.

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Knee Arthritis

Knee arthritis can be debilitating, limiting a person’s ability to walk or enjoy daily activities.  Treatment options range from medication and physiotherapy, to injections and surgery

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ACL Tears

Usually caused by a sports injury, ACL tears cause an unstable knee in young people.  Young patients with knee instability from an ACL tear often consider ACL reconstruction.

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Meniscus Tears

Tears in the meniscus can contribute to knee pain and sometimes be one of the causes of “locking” in the knee.

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Our Facilities

Clearpoint Surgical Centre

Clearpoint Surgical Centre is an accredited facility in Toronto, Ontario providing state-of-the-art surgical services and rapid access to consultations and surgery.

Dr. Barry Cayen operates out of Clearpoint Surgical Centre in Toronto performing Total Hip Replacement surgery using the Direct Anterior Approach. He also performs Total Knee Replacements and Partial Knee Replacements.

Innovative Technology at Clearpoint
– Hana Table and Intellijoint Navigation is used for anterior hip replacement surgery
– ROSA surgical Robotic arm used for total knee replacement surgery

Dr. Cayen also performs sports surgery such as ACL reconstruction and knee arthroscopy for meniscus tears.

Working hours

Mon – Wed
8AM – 7PM
8AM – 5PM
8AM – 5PM
Sat – Sun


Visit the Clearpoint Surgical website or call 1-833-572-5972 to discuss your needs.

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a patient lays on the Hana Table
Our Technology & Equipment

The Hana Table

Anterior hip replacements at Clearpoint are performed with the patient on a high-tech Operating Room table called the Hana Table. This table allows the patient’s legs to be moved independently and helps provide excellent access to the femur for optimal component placement.

Our Technology & Equipment

Intellijoint Navigation

All Anterior Hip Replacements at Clearpoint are performed using the Intellijoint Hip Navigation tool. This cutting-edge technology allows for real-time measurement of component position and leg length changes during surgery.

Our Technology & Equipment

ROSA Robotic Arm

Total Knee Replacements at Clearpoint Toronto are performed with the ROSA robotic arm. This state-of-art tool tracks the knee during surgery and uses live data to help the surgeon more accurately create a “well-balanced“ knee.

Dr. Barry Cayen

Meet the doctor

Dr. Barry Cayen is an orthopaedic surgeon at Humber River Hospital and Clearpoint Surgical, specializing in adult hip and knee replacements, sports surgery of the knee, and trauma. He performs Total Hip Replacement Surgery using the Direct Anterior approach with a Hana table.

dr barry cayen smiles while looking into the camera. He is wearing a blue jacket with a maroon tie

DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is intended to help current and prospective patients of Dr. Cayen understand joint disease as well as treatment options available.  It is also meant to provide background information to prospective patients such that their visit with their doctor is most helpful. This website is not meant to provide specific medical advice, treat or diagnose any medical condition.  It is not meant to take the place of a visit with your doctor or Dr. Cayen.

About Dr. Cayen

Dr. Barry Cayen is an orthopedic surgeon at Humber River Hospital, specializing in adult hip and knee replacements, sports surgery of the knee, and trauma. He performs Total Hip Replacement Surgery using the Direct Anterior approach with a Hana table.


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